Tales from the Trails series : Introduction

The best part of any trip to me is the journey, the place, the people, the culture and the food. And when I go out on the trips especially the ones I take solo or in small groups, I get to interact with a lot of people and each of them have a story to tell. Its amazing how people trust you and let you in their lives in such a small amount of time you spend with them. I get to meet people from all aspect of life which makes the experience even more interesting. While some stories are just amusing  others are so intense that make you think and retrospect your own life.
While I had so far only listened to what they had to share , it dawned on me recently that I should document them. This is my attempt to narrate their stories through my blog.

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  1. All the best. Travelling is a great way to enrich ones life, learn new things and get a wider perceptive. I am sure you will have loads of fun doing it.