The Art of travel

Mastering the art of traveling is not accomplished with practice or talent.No school will give you bachelors degree in not getting shot while backpacking through eastern Africa or avoiding Montezuma's-revenge under trek through Mexico. Its a way of life,unknown to the majority and almost impossible to convey to your friends back home over the coarse of single conversation.Its more of a more of a feeling.Its the excitement I experience a night before a trip, The high that comes with booking a one way train to the place i have never heard of. Its the little things that so often go unnoticed.
I wonder how did I get here, why me? And I remember all that I have seen and done, the friends I have made, the countries I have called home and all the bugs I have eaten by accidents.
Think back to all of it and I ask myself a deeper question, Why not me? Why should I be immune to the lessons life has to offer,I think life is about how you let the bad days change you and what you take out of the experience. May be its not the secret of life but then it works for me.I wish I could say this came to me in the moment of clarity on top of the mountain somewhere, unfortunately I stumbled upon it when buying countless round of whiskey I met along the way. - The art of travel movie .

P.S: Its just one of the most awesome movies if you love to travel the offbeat paths!


  1. Certainly ! Travel is beautiful. With each new destination you visit, you discover a new you. That is travel.

    1. True that! I learn something new about myself after every Trip, it also changes me as a person in a good way! Thanks for dropping by