Tales from the Trails -1 : The Superstitious Superintendent of Police

    Above pic is copied from www.thrillophilia.com (I could not spot a tiger)

Along the course of time, I have derived a lot of interesting incidents from all of my trips, especially from the guides who accompany me. One such incident involves the guide who accompanied us on the Safari ride to Satpura Tiger Reserve. He was a very young guy with immense experience of the place we were visiting.

As we were driving through the Jungle in hope of spotting a Tiger or a Leopard, he went on to share a very hilarious story of the Superintendent(SP) of police who had visited the reserve a couple of months back before our visit.
The Satpura Tiger Reserve has five open jeeps for the Safari out of which four are green and one is black. The SP  got late in the morning for the safari and four of the green jeeps had already left leaving behind only the black jeep for SP. And it so happened that on that particular day , a tiger was spotted near a water hole and all the Jeep drivers coordinated amongst themselves to ensure that the tourists can sight it. Our guide was supposed to take the SP and requested him to hurry up as it was one of those rare opportunities of spotting a Tiger, but the SP refused to ride in the black jeep as it is supposedly inauspicious and insisted on getting the green one for him. Despite all the requests from the staff and the guide, the SP did not budge. After waiting for around half an hour, one of the Green jeeps returned and SP was rushed to sight the Tiger but alas, the Tiger had already left. This made SP furious as all the other tourists had sighted it and he was the only one who couldn't. SP was fuming with anger and said "How can you not show me the Tiger, dont you know I am the superintendent of police" , and guide said in the calm voice

"Sir, I know you are the superintendent of police but the Tiger doesn't"


  1. There's a similar joke.

    A VIP passenger was in a hurry near a flight gate. He became restless and went to the attendant
    and said,'Why are you making me wait? Do you know who I am?'

    The flight attendant picked up the announcement mic. and said, "There's a guy here in Gate 23
    who does not who he is. Can anyone help him?'

    Best Regards,
    Venkat Ramakrishnan
    (India Population)

    1. :) well the world is a funny place.. one just needs to work on their sense of humour!

  2. Nice one! We were at the same table in the indiblogger meet, since you said you have a travel blog, I wanted to check it out. I like your write ups :)

    1. Hey Nish, Ofcoarse I remmeber. Sorry for replying this late but its been really crazy busy. Glad you liked my write-ups! there are few more pending to be published.

  3. Very funny incident. Superstitions can sometimes cost one a lot :)