A morning at Gateway of India.

Few years after the 26/11 which shook the financial capital of India, I found myself in front of the Gateway of India.  It was supposed to be built to welcome British Majesties King George V and queen Mary in 1911. However They got to see only a cardboard model as the construction started only in 1915. I found myself smiling as I read this on wiki and could relate to some of the experiences in my personal and professional life, I guess we all can. Do you remember a moment when you failed to deliver something on promised time and instead tried to make up for the goof up with completely insignificant goodies (our own cardboard gateway of India).

It was quite early in the morning when I reached there and there were already a lot of locals and tourists there. There were also hundreds of 'pigeons' opposite to Gateway, I guess its one of their favorite eat-outs in the otherwise crowded city and why shouldn't it be with so many hosts, all the camera attention and a great view of the sea. While I was standing there feeding the pigeons I was also looking at the Grand Taj hotel trying to find signs of the attack it bore a couple of years back. I could find no signs and was glad that its glory was restored. Here are few pictures taken back then:

It still reads December 1911 (MCXI) though its construction started in 1915

Boats, ferries and yachts!

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A shot of gateway of India, Grand Taj hotel and the new taj hotel


Loved its color against the blue background