Go Green - 10 out of 11 times!!

I left office just like any other way unaware of the fact that a huge surprise was waiting for me. It had been a long day and I was riding back my regular route. After a couple of kilometers I suddenly realized that I did not have to stop a traffic signal so far and then i counted, 4 out 4!! It was quite unusual and I started to look forward to the next one, turns out it was green as well and the amazing uninterrupted ride went on till I reached the 8th signal which happened to be Red as I approached it, I in fact slowed down hoping for it to turn Green but alas, it did not. Now I was a little skeptical about the next one as I thought that the spell is back again but no!! next 3 signals were green and before i knew, I was crossing the last signal with a smile on my face!

P.S : For people who were wondering whats the big deal, trust me my friend, in Bangalore it is a boon.And to support it with some statistics , its the first time it happened for me in the last 2 years i have been traveling that route. :)