My bullet and me!

Everytime i heard that thump, my head would turn on its own in the direction of the sound and once spotted , i could not take my eyes off it. It used to have a mesmerizing effect of me, the huge petrol tank, the chrome plated engine, the vintage style control panel. Everything about beastly machine with the name engraved "Royal Enfield" was intimidating .

Finally after years of eyeing and drooling over it, i decided to book my own "Royal Enfield".  And one Sunday i walked into the Royal enfield showroom (Jan 13, 2013), and the feeling cannot be described in the words. I have been to the showroom many times before but this time it was different, this time i was going to book my bullet! I had already decided the model i was going to get, the bullet with a war era paint job in matt finish "Royal enfield Desertsorm 500". I spent a few minutes admiring the bullet which would be mine soon (or thats what i thought). When i enquired about the waiting period, all my hopes to get my bullet 'soon' were diminished, the waiting period was 8-10 months. I tried to enquire if there is ant way to get it sooner , but well there wasn't. Anyway, I paid the booking amount, looked at the Desertstorm for few more minutes and left.

Next few weeks were spent reading reviews about 'Royal Enfield Deserstorm' , the various travelogues, riding jackets, places around bangalore i could ride to on my bullet. Everytime a bullet passed by especially Desertstorm, i would feel a sense of adrenaline rush imagining myself on it. Weeks turned in to months and eventually the excitement faded as i got busy with my work and routine life. Finally as it was closing 7 months of booking, i started calling the showroom in hope of getting it little earlier but no such luck.

Towards the end of September, My phone rang and i saw the RE showroom number flashing on it. I knew what it meant and jumped out of joy. The Showroom manager told me that the bike would be here within a week and i could start the finance process in the meanwhile. The next few days were spent signing documents and for the first time it didnt bother me. All i could think of was getting my hands on my 'Bullet' . The time flew and before i realized the day arrived when i was to collect my bull. I reached much before the decided time, filled in few more documents and started waiting for the most awaited . Though it took an hour or 2 , it seemed like forever and finally i was asked to go to their service station and collect my bike. I literally ran from the showroom to the service station around half a  km away. When i reached there, i could see many sparkling bullets parked.I spotted the only 'Desertstorm' parked there and as i approached it i saw my name written on the seat. It looked magnificent and the fact that it was mine was overwhelming. The guy at the service centre explained me various aspects of the bullet , but i was hardly in a position to listen.  As i sat on it and kicked it to life, i could feel the power of the beast, took me sometime to get used to to the power this 500 cc machine had to offer but once accustomed i enjoyed and still am every moment of thumping.

As i ride it through the traffic, i see the heads turning, people admiring 'My Bullet' and they remind me of me from couple of months back :) . The only difference is i am on the receiving side of those envious eyes!
Royal Enfield Desertstorm